Boy or Girl

what do you do as a parent when you find that your child is gay,what do you do as a child when you find out your father is gay or your mom is a lesbian? what do you do when your best friend makes a move on you when you least expected it  Does raping of gay guys and lesbian girls make them straight? what about the men raping gay guy? are they gay too? or they are just there for to cure the gay illness? do we address them as boys or girls. who is right? politics, community, the church or the law? is it a sin or we are interpreting the bible to suite our own intentions and get our points across?And why is
HIV and AIDS Stigma closely related to gay stigma? Gay discrimination and gay stigma are
a major problems in today’s world. Most people consider homosexuality as an illness or demonic and unGodly.
Discrimination and stigma destroys people, particularly youth, who identify
as gay. They are an easy targets to
Malicious gossip,Physical and emotional attacks. If the majority of the society feel the they are better and normal because we are like everybody else, then we have got to stop making others feel like they don’t belong. our job is to love each other and educate ourselves of what we don’t know.Let God be the judge.

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Me G

While fame and fortune are what most people look for, Me G records was formed late 2014 in the UK with just the love of great music and poems.The group listens to all the genders of music or what they call it good music. They believe that Shane Macgowan of The Pogues to be one of the most creative songwriters of all time with favourite artist  such as Buddy Holly , Elvis, The Beatles,Stones,Ramones and Clash.The group made their first mark by  realeasing in early 2015 with the single they are populalry known for; “An Eskimo”.Currently they are working on “The ups and downs of lovers” the album takes us through the honey moon phase, struggling phase, stability phase, commitment phase and the bliss phase of a relationship. It includes songs like “Think am in love” and “An Eskimo” the proposal. The main purpose of their music is to brighten at least one persons day. Please check out their creative works on and dont forget to visit their webpage at

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