Sex me up

Lights, camera and action. A sexy girl having hot steaming sex with a gorgeous guy. It must be her man right? Wrong, that was a succesful interview. You might have been trying to break into the the television and flim industry and nathing seems to be working. You look at other television personalities and you just cant put a finger on what they do for a living. This industry needs a competative person. There is a great number of people who want the same job as you and a degree from a good school does not gaurantee you the job. If you have ever thought to yourself, only if i had a boyfriend who is famous. Well you are thinking in the right direction. This can definitely get you the right connections and the media attention but not the kind you want. The media is looking for peoole who are all over the place, scandalous and dramatic. They cant wait to trash talk you on thier shows, magazines and the internet. However, you must be open for criticisim. The problen about getting fame this way is earning peoples respect. I suggest you find another way

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